Work With A Wedding Catering Company To Plan Your Menu And Type Of Service

For most couples, planning their wedding day and reception customarily includes hiring a catering company. It is simply too difficult, not to mention a significant imposition, to ask and/or expect family members and friends to develop the menu and prepare and serve the meal, no matter the type of food or the number of guests.

When working with your chosen wedding catering company, one important discussion will focus on the type of meal service. There are several service options, depending on:

  • The number of guests
  • The extent of the menu (different courses, different food selections)
  • The start time of the reception
  • The location of the reception

The main types of wedding catering service and when each might be considered are:

Seated Or Plated

  • For a single entrée or a limited (pre-ordered) selection of entrees
  • More suitable for receptions in a banquet facility or hotel ballroom
  • Will take longer to serve (multiple courses) so an earlier start is needed


  • When multiple choices of entrees, sides, and desserts will be offered
  • Better with smaller guest lists (<100) to prevent excessive waiting times
  • Can be held at virtually any time of day

Cocktail Reception

  • Primarily hors d’oeuvres and refreshments
  • Functionally efficient and cost effective for large groups
  • Should start later in the evening (perhaps after 8:00 p.m.)


  • For a more informal and casual atmosphere – perhaps a barbecue or buffet
  • Ideal for an intimate group size, perhaps limited to family and close friends
  • Can also be held at virtually any time of the day

Equally important to the type of wedding catering service is your decision on the types of food within the overall wedding catering service menu. This will again depend on the various factors outlined above, in conjunction with budget limitations and special dietary considerations.

Customarily, plated and buffet-style catering will offer various combinations/iterations of the following food choices:

  • Soup or salad(s) or antipasto and roles
  • Pasta, fowl, fish, and/or red meat options
  • One or two sides
  • Fresh fruit and/or cheese and crackers
  • Desserts/sweets
  • Late-night snacks

For less formal events such as a cocktail reception or a backyard wedding, the catering menu can be quite varied and tailored to personal tastes or special themes. You may be inclined to select one of the following options to celebrate your wedding day with your guests:

  • Finger food platters, served by wedding catering staff
  • A choose-your-own-entrée barbecue
  • Build-your-own sandwiches or subs
  • A brunch buffet with an omelet station
  • European-themed or Asian-themed cuisine
  • Taste-testing stations
  • A pre-designed theme offered by the catering company

Due to the complexity and the sheer variety of meal service and menu/food options, you will need to be completely comfortable and confident in your choice of a wedding catering company. One such choice is Ida’s Kitchen, a leader in wedding catering in Toronto and the GTA.

Ida’s Kitchen offers an extensive range of menu options including:

  • Plated service menus
  • Station (buffet) menus
  • Cocktail reception menus

As well as the expertise, experience, and professionalism required to deliver worry-free catering on your special day, regardless of group size, venue, type of service, or menu.

To confirm one of the best wedding catering companies for your wedding day, do not delay – call Ida’s Kitchen today at 416-898-8097.  Ida’s Kitchen will work with you every step of the way to demonstrate that your wedding catering needs are in capable hands. We Cook! You Eat! Call Ida’s!

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