Wedding Catering Services Should Have A High Priority

As you begin to plan your wedding day, you and your partner will need to make a host of decisions well in advance of the actual ceremony to ensure that family and friends – and you, of course – have cherished and lasting memories of this most joyous occasion.

Many couples prefer a late spring or summertime wedding, when weather conditions are (hopefully) more cooperative. Planning, therefore, often begins in earnest during winter months, and includes such fundamental decisions as:

  • The Actual Date
  • The Church Or Other Facility
  • The Reception Venue
  • Your Wedding Party
  • Colour Schemes, etc.

Another important decision that should be high on this list, and made well in advance of your wedding day, relates to your choice of a wedding catering service. The wedding caterer that you select will have a significant impact on the lasting memories of your wedding day for you and your guests.

Wedding catering services are in very high demand, particularly during peak wedding months. Don’t be in a position of having to settle for any available caterer by leaving this decision too late – book your catering service as early as possible when planning your wedding.

Top Catering-Related Considerations When Planning A Wedding

Choosing the right wedding catering service in Toronto involves much more than just selecting the menu. There are several other details and nuances to consider before you should sign a contract or agreement:

  • Budget – Know your maximum amount (account for taxes/gratuities) and hold firm
  • Written Estimate – Ensure that all costs are defined in a quote, including any rental fees for cutlery, linens, glassware, and any other associated items
  • Number Of Guests – Can the caterer comfortably handle your anticipated number?
  • Venue – Has the caterer previously served other functions at your reception venue?
  • Type Of Service – Table service or buffet style?
  • Menu Variety – If table service, is there the flexibility of a limited-choice menu with 2 or 3 different entrée options versus preparing the same menu for all of the guests?
  • Specialization – Do menu options include the types of foods that you like and/or are preferred by your family and friends (e.g.: European or Asian cuisine, seafood, etc.)?
  • Seasonality – Depending on the date/season of your wedding, certain foods may not be readily available and/or may be more expensive
  • Special Dietary Requirements – Will the caterer willingly accommodate guests who may need or request special diets (allergies, gluten-free, no salt, vegetarian, etc.)?
  • Recommendations – Do you know anyone who has used this caterer in the past?
  • References – Can/will the caterer provide any references from their previous clients?
  • Taste Tests – Is there an opportunity to taste some of their menu items before you make your final decision?

You certainly want all aspects of your wedding planning, and your wedding day, to go as smoothly and as hassle-free as possible. Your choice of wedding catering services will play an important role in guaranteeing the overall success of your plans – and the lasting memories of your special day.

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