Wedding Catering Needs Often Include More Than Just The Wedding Reception

When a couple first announces their engagement, attention turns almost immediately to all of the planning associated with their actual wedding day:

  • What is the date?
  • Where will the ceremony be held?
  • Where will the reception be held?
  • Have you decided on a wedding caterer?
  • How many people will be invited?
  • Who will be in the wedding party?

Shortly thereafter, however, and once the euphoria of the engagement announcement has subsided, questions will arise about all of the other wedding-related events before and after the wedding reception that might also require/benefit from a wedding catering service.

The wedding-related events that could be entrusted to a professional caterer include:

  • The bridal shower
  • A bachelor party
  • A bachelorette party
  • A Jack-and-Jill party
  • The rehearsal dinner
  • A post-wedding brunch

These events may be held in banquet halls, hotel ballrooms, private homes, or in public venues such as picnic grounds or horticultural gardens. Regardless of location, engaging the services of a wedding caterer will allow the wedding party, the invited guests, and the guests of honour to enjoy the events worry-free, knowing that the catering details are in the capable hands of a professional service.

Consider One Caterer For All Of Your Wedding-Related Catering Needs

With the possibility that perhaps four or more wedding-related events might need to be planned, including the wedding reception itself, you may want to consider synchronising all of your catering needs through one caterer.

On the premise that all of the catered events will be held in venues that permit private caterers, and the wedding caterer you select has the capacity to accommodate each type of event, there could be several advantages to centralizing your catering needs.

The caterer that you select for all of your wedding catering needs will develop:

  • A clear perspective on the overall catering timeline
  • A respect for budgetary limitations
  • Familiarity with the dietary preferences of your family and guests
  • An understanding of any ethno-cultural requirements or mandates
  • An appreciation for the types/amounts of beverages to be supplied
  • Recognition of any personal sensitivities, nuances, or possible issues
  • A relationship built upon trust and the flexibility to meet varying needs

One such caterer with the experience, capability, and flexibility to coordinate and satisfy all of your various wedding-related needs is Ida’s Kitchen. The professionals at Ida’s Kitchen are committed to ensuring that each event will provide a lasting memory for all those in attendance.

To coordinate all of your wedding catering needs, call Ida’s Kitchen today at 416-898-8097. Ida’s Kitchen can provide expert catering and professional service for all types of events in most types of venues/locations.

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