Wedding Catering Issues Should Never Be The Focal Point Of Your Special Day

Have you ever attended a wedding with the anticipation of having an enjoyable time only to leave with the bad memory and bitter taste (pun intended) of a poorly catered meal? Unfortunately, there are countless tales of dissatisfied couples and disgruntled guests as a result of wedding catering misfortunes.

Without meticulous planning and attention to detail, you may encounter any number of unexpected problems with your wedding catering company:

  • Shortage of food/meals
  • Shortage of china, cutlery, glassware
  • Lack of familiarity with the venue
  • No on-site coordinator/decision-maker
  • Inexperienced serving staff
  • Insufficient number of staff
  • Inability to appropriately deal with difficult guests
  • Lack of respect for overall timeliness
  • Lack of respect for other planned itinerary items (photos, speeches)
  • Excessive noise/loud conversation during clean-up and break-down

On your special day, you and your guests do not want to be distracted by and/or have to deal with the inadequacies of your catering company. Any and all of these potential issues can be addressed and prevented well ahead of your wedding date by securing the services of a professional wedding catering company.

Hire A Professional Wedding Catering Company To Avert Any Potential Issues

Through a combination of anticipation, planning, and expertise, a professional wedding catering service can avert many of the common yet often overlooked scenarios that have plagued many wedding receptions.

These professionals are meticulous in their event planning and on-site coordination, and their expertise and experience make the following considerations essentially automatic when preparing for a wedding reception:

  • Details, Details – All pertinent/relevant details (number of guests, floor plan, décor, timeline of events, etc.) are checked and checked again to ensure full understanding
  • Site Inspection – For familiarity, if the venue is new to the caterer, or to determine if any changes have been made since the last time the caterer worked at that venue
  • Staffing – A proper ratio of serving staff to the number of tables and/or guests and any back-up/secondary staff in the event of unforeseen circumstances (illness/injury)
  • Pre-Assigned Roles – Including all serving roles plus a coordinator who will handle all on-site logistics, make any on-the-spot decisions, and deal with complaints and/or difficult guests
  • Rehearsal – A detailed walk-through of the meal plan, floor layout, service timing, and special requests, held shortly before to the event, to prevent misunderstandings
  • Extras, Extras – Ensuring that extra meals/servings are available in anticipation of last-minute changes, along with extra place settings, glassware, etc. should these be required or in case of breakage

The success of a wedding reception is often dependent on the choice of a catering service. Since the meal is a focal point of the reception, it should be afforded the appropriate amount of time and attention to avert the possibility of wedding catering misfortunes.

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