Use A Private Catering Service To Supplement Your Party Host Responsibilities

Planning and hosting of a dinner party/social event, regardless of the number of invited guests, can be an intimidating and stressful process. Perhaps the most important item within a long list of responsibilities is the meal itself, as this is often the focal point of the affair and therefore, you might want to assign or delegate this task to a professional Markham catering service.

While it is generally assumed that a private catering company will be hired to prepare and serve the meal for larger-scale functions (perhaps 100-200 guests or more), do not discount the value of using a Markham catering service for smaller or more intimate parties as well.

The Benefits Before The Party

By entrusting the meal component of the event to a private caterer, you can dedicate more concentrated time and effort to other planning needs (depending on the nature of the function) during the days and weeks leading to the actual party date:

  • The guest list and invitations
  • The décor and colour schemes
  • Addressing audio/visual needs
  • Securing the entertainment
  • Obtaining gifts or prizes as appropriate
  • Creating displays (photos, memorabilia)
  • Managing/overseeing the budget

In the meantime, a private catering company can handle the following on your behalf:

  • Finalizing the catering menu selections and options
  • Purchasing and storing the food accordingly
  • Dealing with the venue or hall (if required)

Knowing that you can trust and rely on an experienced Markham catering company, such as Ida’s Kitchen, to effectively and responsibly organize the meal component will lift a significant amount of stress and worry from your overall planning efforts.

The Benefits During The Party

When the date of your party or event finally arrives, your attention needs to be directed to ensuring the overall comfort and enjoyment of your guests. You cannot afford to be distracted by such significant and time consuming responsibilities as the preparation and serving of the meal.

Once again, the private catering service will come to the rescue, so to speak, by taking care of the following on that day:

  • Preparing a sufficient amount of food for the number of guests
  • Setting up the dining area or venue (place settings, linens, etc.)
  • Serving the meal on time and at the proper temperature
  • A professional presentation of the meal on each plate
  • Dining area clean-up and appropriate disposal of trash

As the host of the party or event, you will in turn have more freedom and flexibility to:

  • Welcome/greet your guests as they arrive
  • Mingle and socialize among the attendees
  • Renew acquaintances/make introductions
  • Enjoy the meal yourself
  • Look after any presentations (awards, gifts, prizes)
  • Personally thank your guests as they leave

Ida’s Kitchen: A Markham Catering Firm That Meets Your Party Hosting Needs

You need to have complete confidence that the private catering company will provide the type of attention and service that allows you to host your party without worrying about the meal and its service. By choosing Ida’s Kitchen as your Markham catering service, you can dedicate more of your time to other party planning aspects and to being the perfect host for your guests on the day of the event.

Learn more about the private catering services offered by Ida’s Kitchen.

If you are looking for Markham catering services for your private party or event, call Ida’s Kitchen today at 416-898-8097. Ida’s Kitchen provides quality wedding catering, office catering, and private catering services that you need to make your special function an unparalleled success.

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