Top Food Trends for Catered Wedding Receptions

Wedding Catering Accounts for the Largest Expenditure of Wedding Receptions

iStock_000036498688_SmallQuite often, planning a wedding can be significantly more nerve-wracking and emotional than the actual wedding ceremony itself.  There are so many decisions that need to be made by the bride-and-groom-to-be, members of their wedding party, and other family members who may be involved (by request or by demand) in planning the pre-wedding and wedding day events – and despite the best of intentions, it is exceedingly difficult to please all of the people all of the time.

It is quite conceivable that no aspect of these planning activities receives more time and attention than wedding receptions.  Regardless of the number of guests, choosing the menu can be a time-consuming and sometimes agonizing process; remember, it can be rather challenging to please all of the people all of the time.

Since it is also highly likely that wedding catering will account for the largest individual expenditure of any wedding reception, it will be critically important to select a catering service with the insight and experience to ensure that this money is well spent, and that the reception and meal will leave all guests with fond and lasting impressions.  One such caterer is Ida’s Kitchen, a preferred choice for receptions at many of the top wedding venues in Toronto and the GTA.

The actual costs of catering wedding receptions will no doubt vary based on a number of factors, including:

  • Menu selections
  • Beverage choices
  • Type of dinnerware
  • Linens and decorations
  • Type of service (plated, buffet, stations, family-style)
  • Number of guests (and any special dietary considerations)
  • Number of wait staff needed (based on service type/guest numbers)

Working with a professional and experienced wedding catering service, such as Ida’s Kitchen, will prove invaluable to the wedding planners in ensuring that all of the above factors are carefully taken into consideration, with keen attention to detail and to any/all budgetary concerns as well.

Top Food Trends for Distinctive and Imaginative Wedding Receptions

Many couples-to-be are now looking at distinct and inventive catering menus for their wedding receptions as a way to leave positive lasting impressions with their families and guests.  This means that catering companies will also need to be imaginative and/or resourceful when catering events of this nature.

While the more traditional plated-and-served meals remain a common choice for many wedding receptions today, the following food trends (in no particular order) are growing in popularity for couples intent on adding an element of uniqueness to their special day:

  • Edible arrangements/centrepieces
  • Locally-sourced foods/ingredients
  • Signature beverages and desserts
  • Family-style service (food platters)
  • Themed/interactive serving stations
  • Stylized or specialty cocktail bars
  • Comfort food (e.g. mac-and-cheese)
  • His-and-hers hors d’oeuvres/drinks
  • Outdoor garden party-style menus
  • Late-night food trucks (fries, ice cream)

Ida’s Kitchen is equally capable of catering events like wedding receptions whether the menu calls for a traditional plated meal service or trendy/innovative themed stations.

It is also important to note that wedding catering services in Toronto can be in very high demand, especially at peak times during the calendar year, customarily spring and fall.  If you have chosen a wedding date and would like to secure the services of a preferred caterer in Toronto for your special day, call Ida’s Kitchen today at 416-898-8097 to begin discussing and planning your menu as far in advance as possible.

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