Several Essential Decisions Can Influence A Corporate Catering Event

There should be little to no surprise that arranging a corporate catering event requires a significant amount of planning, time, and effort. Yet for many companies, those who decide to stage such an event will often delegate this responsibility to another internal person or team with a vague direction to “do whatever you think is best.” What this really implies is “make sure you do it right” and “make sure you stay within budget.”

There are many factors to be considered when coordinating any corporate catering event. In addition to the overall goal of staging a successful event, several essential decisions will play an important role in influencing the type of catering that will be required:

  • Time Of The event – Breakfast, lunch, after-hours reception, dinner?
  • Type Of Catering – Self-serve buffet, seated meal, passed appetizers?
  • Purpose – Recognition/celebration, staff appreciation, client entertainment?
  • Location – Indoors or outdoors, on-site or off-site?
  • Number Of Attendees – Demographics, expectations?
  • Beverages – Hot and/or cold, bar service?

Once this basic structure or outline has been decided/confirmed/approved, you can then meet with various event catering companies to discuss the details of the actual menu and assess whether their corporate catering experience aligns with your precise needs.

Choose Ida’s Kitchen For Catering The Right Food For Your Corporate Event

Selecting the right food or menu for your corporate catering event goes hand-in-hand with your choice of catering companies. Regardless of the purpose, time, location, or number of attendees, the success of an event is often measured by the catering menus and service.

When considering hiring a corporate catering service for your function, you will need to be comfortable with their competence/skills in relation to:

  • Staff experience and professionalism
  • Minimum/maximum group size capabilities
  • Appealing to a variety of tastes and cultures
  • Flexibility to meet dietary options/preferences
  • Providing beverage/bar service

In addition, you will need to be certain that your caterer can deliver all of the following with respect to the meal itself:

  • The right choice of food or foods for your guests/attendees
  • A high-quality/flavoursome meal (for any time/type of event)
  • An appealing presentation, including the food and all accessories/utensils
  • All foods served at the correct temperature
  • All service in a timely manner according to your agenda
  • Appropriate portion sizes and a sufficient number of portions for all guests

Selecting Ida’s Kitchen for your corporate catering needs will ensure that all of your event needs are met in a professional manner and to your standards and expectations.

Take advantage of the experience and the insight of one of Toronto’s finest corporate catering services by calling Ida’s Kitchen today at 416-898-8097. Ida’s Kitchen will ensure that your menu selections will be right for your corporate audience and served with the professionalism that you expect.

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