Private Catering for a Baby Shower

Catering a Baby Shower Provides the Organizers Time to Host and Socialize

Catering Table at Baby ShowerWhile there are several reasons or special occasions for families and/or friends to gather in celebration, few events in life are as precious as the birth of child.  The new parents are as proud as proud can be, grandparents have a bounce in their step and seem to be walking on air, and other family members and close friends all want to see the baby.

Amid all of the announcements, Facebook photos, and cards of congratulations, it is also common for relatives to celebrate the arrival of their newest family member by planning a baby shower.  And in many cases, such an event will be held in a private home, as this is more amenable to social interactions and less restricting in many ways than a public restaurant, and less expensive than a rental venue.    

For those planning a baby shower, including grandmothers, aunts, in-laws, and perhaps the new mother herself, there are many aspects that need to be organized, confirmed, and/or completed prior to the event.  Such advance coordination/activities would include decisions relating to:

  • Date, time, location
  • Guest list and invitations
  • Theme and party decorations
  • Entertainment and door prizes
  • Menu choices and refreshments
  • Serviceware, linens, clean-up, etc. 

In the case of many baby showers, these party planners will spend the days immediately prior to the celebratory event engrossed in purchasing and preparing the menu items, which will in turn often be followed by several hours in the kitchen before and during the baby shower itself.  This level of commitment, so to speak, although by choice, can place a significant amount of stress on the organizers, not to mention the fact that they do not have much time to interact with their guests nor enjoy the event themselves.

One way to alleviate this hectic set of circumstances would be to contract a professional event catering service, such as Ida’s Kitchen.  For more than 30 years, Ida’s Kitchen has been providing exceptional event catering for private functions, including baby showers, preparing delicious menus for all tastes while allowing party organizers an opportunity to concentrate on hosting and socializing with their guests.

Based on the number of guests, their preferred tastes, and the desired style of service, Ida’s Kitchen will prepare a palate-pleasing menu from these private catering options:

  • Soups and Salads
  • Sandwiches and Wraps
  • Hors D’Oeuvres Platters
  • BBQ Selections and Salads
  • Hot Entrees and Side Dishes
  • Desserts and Fresh Fruit Platters

For additional information on the menus available from Ida’s Kitchen for private baby shower catering, please see our private Catering menus

Comprehensive Event Catering to Make Your Baby Shower Truly Memorable

Catering Table in marina styleIn addition to the menu selection and meal preparation, the event catering services from Ida’s Kitchen can be extended to include a number of time-saving benefits for the baby shower organizers.  These services can include:

  • Table set-up
  • Servers/wait staff
  • Linens and decorations
  • Flatware, glassware, etc.
  • Clean-up and breakdown

Expecting a new arrival in your family and planning to celebrate the birth by hosting an in-home baby shower?  Have this shower catered by Ida’s Kitchen and free up your time to socialize with guests and enjoy the day.  Call Ida’s Kitchen today at 416-898-8097 to select the catering menu that will appeal to you and your guests and make the event truly memorable for all.

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