Office Catering is More Than Just Preparing Food

The first rule of finding good office catering is to find a company that does more than just prepare food. There are so many other details and so much more riding on the success of the event, you need the help of a full-service caterer. The other option is for you to find a different source for each aspect of your event, which is fine, if you have the time.

Why Is It So Important To Find A Full-Service Office Catering Company?

A corporate event, whether it is internal or external, reflects on the company. Needless to say, customer events must be well thought out and executed in every detail to avoid leaving poor impressions. But even internal events can affect the company through employee morale and productivity. Perhaps more importantly, the success of the event can reflect on you.

When You Need Office Catering

There’s a wide variety of occasions for which you can choose corporate catering services:

  • Luncheons – Whether casual or formal, for employees, investors or customers, a nice luncheon can be a memorable break in the day
  • Business Parties – Celebrate the completion of a project or mark a company milestone with a special gathering.
  • Meetings – Are your meetings becoming repetitive with attendees tuning out? Try some simple office catering to make the meeting more memorable and get better results.
  • Seminars – Seminars are popular ways to keep employees up-to-date on new developments or to expand their knowledge base. They are also a good way to educate customers in areas that are important to your business. A seminar that features specially prepared meals or snacks is more effective
  • Grand Openings Or Product Launches – Want to know the quickest way to change a new opening or product launch from ordinary to extraordinary? If you find the right full service caterer, all you need to do is let them know what your event is about, if there is a theme or any other details and they will make it a memorable occasion.

Ida’s Kitchen specializes in office catering in and around Toronto and they know how important the right image is for your event.

Known for a variety of top quality, healthy and delicious menus to fit any corporate occasion, Ida’s Kitchen will work with you to make sure you have all the services you need for a productive and profitable event:

  • Event planning – even if you haven’t managed an event before, we can help
  • Menu consultation – let us recommend the right dish
  • Special food requests – Prepared by professional chefs
  • Rental tables, chairs, china, cutlery, linens and other accessories – everything you need
  • Professional and courteous serving and bar staff – it’s about customer service
  • Set-up to clean-up – you take care of your employees and customers, we’ll do the rest

Contact Ida’s Kitchen today or call 905-841-8097 for a free quotation for your next office catering event.

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