It May Be Beneficial To Entrust A Professional With Your Office Catering Needs

For many businesses, whether large or small, hosting an on-site event can be a logistical challenge. In many cases, the company cafeteria or the ground-floor coffee shop is just not equipped to handle the office catering needs or preferences for such events as:

  • Client or customer appreciation days
  • Grand openings
  • New product launch celebrations
  • Retirement or anniversary parties
  • Year-end festivities
  • Hosting head office guests/corporate executives
  • Team building/training sessions
  • Team reward and recognition meetings

Yet, rather than considering the option of Toronto catering services, the event host or coordinator may often resort to ordering pizza or other finger foods that are quick and easy to serve and consume, but may not necessarily be the best choice for the particular type of event or the time of day. For example, serving a high-carbohydrate meal for a lunchtime event could negatively affect afternoon productivity, while ordering self-serve finger foods for high profile clients may not reflect positively on the company’s image.

When your in-house or on-site food services cannot accommodate the needs and/or size of your corporate event, corporate catering companies would be an excellent alternative. With its breadth of knowledge/expertise in office catering, Ida’s Kitchen will suggest and support the type of catering menu options that will make your event a memorable experience for clients and employees alike.

Ida’s Kitchen: A Toronto Catering Service That Meets Your Office Catering Needs

Choosing the right office catering service for your corporate event can have a positive impact on the success of that function and on the image/perception of your company in the eyes of your clients as well as your staff members.

You need to have complete confidence that the Toronto catering service will provide the type of quality food/beverages and customer service that will allow you to host the function in a worry-free manner – spending time socializing with guests, clients, and/or employees, and not repeatedly checking that whether catering service is doing its job.

Choosing Ida’s Kitchen as your Toronto catering service will provide many benefits for you as the event host and/or for your corporate guests:

  • Office catering experience for any size group
  • A wide range of menu options to appease different tastes and preferences
  • Flexibility of serving hot or cold items based on time of day/duration of the event
  • Flexibility of offering served or self-serve foods depending on the group dynamics
  • Quick and efficient set-up and clean-up without unduly distracting the proceedings
  • Inclusion of all accessories (tables, chairs, dishes, cutlery, linens, glasses, etc.)
  • A professional presentation that reflects an appropriate corporate image
  • Professional on-site customer service to reflect a similar company image

For more information on office catering through Ida’s Kitchen, call us today!

If you are in need of catering for a corporate function, consider one of the best Toronto catering services and contact Ida’s Kitchen today at or call 416-898-8097. Ida’s Kitchen provides the highest quality of service to ensure your ultimate satisfaction with your special event.

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