High Quality Event Catering for your Next Special Occasion

Whether you’re a professional event manager, or just been asked by a family member or friend to help out with a special occasion, you can benefit by finding a good event catering company.

Event catering has evolved from being little more than finding a caterer and picking a menu to being a complete planning process with value added services and everything you need in one place. That is if you find the right company.

What You Need To Make Your Occasion Special

The food you serve; how fresh, tasty and healthy it is, can make or break your event. An social gathering with great food, but is ordinary otherwise, can still be remembered, whereas an event with lots of extras, but poor food will likely be considered a failure.

Presuming you have found an event catering company with great food and a wide variety of menus, what other services should you look for?

  • A Good Place For Your Gathering – Your choice of venue is important and the best choice can depend on a number of factors including: the purpose or theme for the event, the location, the capacity and the other services offered by the venue.
  • Furniture & Dinnerware – If you are having a full sit-down meal, make sure you have everything you need, including tables, chairs and cutlery
  • Decorations, Accessories & Extras – If you have a really special occasion like a wedding, you want to create the right atmosphere. From flowers to entertainment, a good event catering company will be able to help you with it all.
  • Service – Perhaps nothing sets off an event like full service from wait staff, bartenders and cleanup crews. Whether it’s an intimate cocktail party or large corporate event, good service makes a big difference in how it is enjoyed by your guests.

Ida’s Kitchen specializes in event catering in and around Toronto and they know how important it is to provide everything you need.

Famous for a variety of top quality, healthy and delicious catering menus to fit any occasion, Ida’s Kitchen will work with you to make sure you have all the services you need for a successful event:

  • Planning – even if you haven’t managed an event before, or do it for a living, we can help
  • Menu consultation – let us recommend the right dish
  • Special food requests – Prepared by professional chefs
  • Rental tables, chairs, china, cutlery, linens and other accessories – everything you need
  • Professional and courteous serving and bar staff – it’s about customer service
  • Set-up to clean-up – you take care of your guests, we’ll do the rest

Contact Ida’s Kitchen today or call 905-841-8097 for a free quotation the next time you need event catering.

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