Have These Details Ready When Shopping For A Wedding Catering Service

When you begin the process of meeting with different wedding caterers, they will want (prefer) a thorough outline of what you are looking for before they can prepare a quote. If you do not have such a summary prepared, and are just there to discuss generalities about their menus and services, the lack of clarity can create mutual misunderstandings, false assumptions, and frustrations – all leading to inaccurate pricing and quotes, as well as delayed bookings (or lost availability altogether).

To ensure that you and the wedding caterer are on the same page throughout the entire planning conversation, you should come prepared with as much information as possible about the type of reception you would like to host.

Here are some of the important details that you should know, either firmly or estimated, when shopping for and selecting your wedding catering service:

Venue (Should already be booked)

  • Actual location, plus size and shape of the floor plan/layout
  • Type of kitchen and other accommodations/access for caterers

Number Of Guests

  • Not necessarily exact, but perhaps a minimum and maximum count

Type Of Meal Service

  • Table Service (sit-down meal), buffet, or tray-passed hors d`oeuvres

Type Of Menu

  • A pre-set menu or a limited selection of entrees (pre-ordered by guests)
  • Special preferences i.e. a dessert bar, coffee stations, candy wagon, etc.

Special Dietary Requests

  • Any anticipated special meals such as gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian

Wedding Cake

  • A responsibility of the caterer or to be provided by another supplier?

Bartending (assuming that alcohol service is permitted by the venue)

  • A responsibility of the caterer or to be provided by another supplier?


  • If not an absolutely firm number, at least have a maximum or cap amount
  • Note – make sure your budget includes room for all fees, taxes, gratuities
  • Note – make sure the caterer clearly discloses all fees, taxes, and gratuities

Armed with all of the above information, your search for a wedding catering service will proceed smoothly and efficiently. You will obtain quotes that are more complete and easier to compare between caterers, allowing you to make an informed decision on the wedding caterer that will best meet your needs, preferences, and budget.

A Professional Wedding Catering Service That Meets Your Needs

Confirming your wedding caterer is one of the most important wedding planning tasks.

You need to be completely confident that your choice of caterer will provide the quality of meal and professional service that will leave a lasting positive impression with you and your partner, your families, and your friends.

You also need to be sure that, once you sign the contract and provide a down payment, you can confidently move forward with other important planning tasks for your wedding. Choosing Ida’s Kitchen as your wedding caterer will give you the comfort and peace-of-mind that you need to carry on with those other tasks while your catering plans and details are in the capable hands of an experienced and professional provider.

There are several reasons for choosing Ida’s Kitchen as your wedding caterer:

  • Over 30 years of catering experience in Toronto and the GTA
  • Menu flexibility (a variety of choice)
  • Best quality catering menus (specializing in international menus)
  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Friendly and flexible service
  • Free consultations
  • Free selected menu tasting
  • Unbeatable prices

If you are looking for the best wedding caterer in Toronto, call Ida’s Kitchen today at 416-898-8097. Ida’s Kitchen will provide the highest standard of wedding catering services to ensure your ultimate satisfaction on your special day.

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