Event Catering Companies Can Help You Plan Early For A Holiday Party

As the holidays approach, people get frantic with shopping; traffic seems to increase, and a general sense of urgency overcomes all. For those of you seeking to plan a holiday party, there is an extra level of stress added. There just never seems to be enough time. Before you know it, the holidays are here!

The key to planning a successful holiday event or party is planning in advance. You can also leave all the planning to a professional event catering company. This will greatly help to minimize the burden on yourself and ensure that your event goes off smoothly, while also allowing you time to enjoy it yourself.

If you are seeking to plan your own party, follow these tips to stay well prepared and save yourself from stress later.

  1. Begin planning early. One of the first things you will want to do is set a date. The last thing you want to do is have to spend days in advance cooking and preparing, which can continue even through the party.
  2. About a month before the party, send out invitations. Many make plans during the holidays, so getting your invitations out early reduces the chance that they will be unable to attend due to prior engagements.
  3. Plan your catering menus early as well. Prepare some smaller samples of your dishes for yourself so that you can taste in advance if they are suitable or will require changes.
  4. Two weeks before the party, plan the décor and playlist. Selecting music and decorating is time-consuming and you want to have it done well in advance so that you are not rushing to get it done later.
  5. One week before the party, complete any last minute details. Have your dishes ready, get your shopping list prepared, clean and decorate the house.

For additional tips on planning a successful holiday party, contact us today! Ida’s Kitchen offers professional and reliable catering services that can make your holiday event or party an unforgettable success.

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