Corporate Or Office Catering Events Can Easily Be Organized At Off-Site Locations

Sometimes, the terms office and/or company party can be taken literally by those who are tasked with making the catering arrangements i.e.: this is a party that must be held in a corporate/office-based setting. Now that some much nicer weather has finally arrived in Toronto and the GTA, why not consider moving that party outdoors to enjoy some fresh air along with these warmer temperatures? Or perhaps reserve an indoor location off-site that can remove the feeling of “still being at work” despite the occasion?

There are several options for off-site corporate or office catering in Toronto depending on:

  • The size of your group
  • The type of event or function
  • The timing of the event (weekday or weekend)
  • Municipal by-laws and permits

Various locations that might be viable options for office catering in Toronto are:

  • A local park or parkette
  • Designated picnic grounds
  • Botanical gardens
  • A golf course
  • A local recreation centre
  • The front lawn/parking lot of your corporate office
  • A banquet hall with facilities for private catering

With respect to the type of office party that may be suitable for catering, consider:

  • Company picnics
  • Family fun days
  • Garage sales/fundraisers for charity
  • Employee and family appreciation
  • Retirements or other career milestones
  • Grand opening events
  • Themed events (dress for a certain era, barn dance, mini-Olympics)

Notwithstanding the reason for the office or corporate event, its timing and location, or the type of meal/food that would correspond to a certain theme, a Toronto catering firm, such as Ida’s Kitchen, can significantly reduce the workload of your corporate planning committee while adding personal touches that will make your event a success.

Let Your Staff Relax And Enjoy As A Corporate Catering Firm Handles The Details

Organizing an off-site office party or corporate event can be a significant undertaking in its own right. Setting the date, location, theme, and budget as well as communicating the information company-wide can be time-consuming if not overwhelming tasks.

Through many years of corporate and office catering across Toronto, Ida’s Kitchen understands the importance of such affairs and how catering companies can positively contribute to the memories and overall success of the occasion.

While the planning committee and other volunteers focus on hosting the event, and your staff/guests focus on relaxation and/or enjoyment away from the office setting, Ida’s Kitchen will expertly look after:

  • Menu selection
  • Food preparation
  • Linens, plates, cutlery, glasses
  • Refreshments
  • Delivery and set-up (including tables and chairs if required)
  • Method of service (buffet, barbecue, seated meal, etc.)
  • Clean-up requirements

If you are interested in office catering services at an off-site location outside your corporate environment, call Ida’s Kitchen today at 416-898-8097 for a free quotation. Ida’s Kitchen will deliver the catering expertise and professional service that you require to ensure that your event is a success for all parties involved.

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