Consider The Cost Effectiveness Of Catering Services When Planning An Event

There are many celebratory occasions when you may choose, or be asked, to plan/host a catered affair:

  • An Engagement Party Or Bridal Shower
  • Graduation Or Convocation
  • Milestone Birthdays And Anniversaries
  • A Bar Mitzvah Or Bat Mitzvah
  • A Reception Or An Open House
  • A Retirement Party

However, after you decide when and where the party will be held, you may have second thoughts about taking on the role of planner/host, especially when you start to consider:

  • The amount of time that will be needed to do all of the planning and organizing
  • How much the party will cost and who might be willing/able to share that cost
  • What type of food to serve and who might help with the cooking/preparations

All of these dilemmas may be solved by investigating the services offered by event catering companies. When you consider the investment of time, effort, and expense needed to coordinate and cater an event on your own, or even with the help of friends or family members, it may actually prove to be more cost effective (and less stressful) to use a private catering service.

Professional catering services in Toronto have the experience and expertise to handle any type of celebration for any number of guests. They can also make matters easier for the event planner/host while adhering to a specific budget as well.

Hire An Event Catering Company To Maximize Your Budget And Save Money

Event catering companies can help you make the most of your budget by suggesting cost effective alternatives without radically impacting your plans or the reception itself.

Once you have settled on the approximate number of attendees for your event, and their preferred tastes and expectations, you can meet with the caterer to review menu options (with an eye on your budget of course):


  • Multi-course meal or individually priced selections
  • Hot foods or various cold plates or a combination
  • Hors d’oeuvres/finger foods or entrees and sides
  • Individual portions or buffet-style or multi-serving trays

Then, you can discuss various alternatives in terms of practicality and cost in relation to the catering menus and group size. Some areas to consider for potential savings may include:

  • Serving Staff – How many will be needed to serve each menu option efficiently?
  • Set-Up Costs – Which choices require more time, appliances and/or equipment?
  • Linens – What would be the most appropriate type of table covers and napkins?
  • Flatware, Plates and Glassware – Disposable or silverware, china, and crystal?
  • Bartending – Will alcohol be served and what are the corkage/bartending fees?
  • Liquor License – Is a separate license required or included in the venue rental?
  • Other Beverages – Can non-alcoholic drinks be served in urns/bowls/ice tubs?
  • Desserts – Self-serve pieces from larger cakes/pies versus individual pastries?
  • Take-Down Costs – Can volunteers do this rather than hired/paid catering staff?

When you are planning to utilize a Toronto catering company, there are four main types of expenses to consider within your budget: the menu, labour costs, rental fees, and bar service. Ida’s Kitchen is ready and willing to address your needs in each of these areas while maintaining the highest standards.

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