Catering Corporate Events

Corporate Catering Can Significantly Impact the Success of a Business Function

Corporate Catering EventsOrganizations of many sizes/scopes will often stage company-sponsored events for their employees and/or customers to mark special occasions or significant milestones for their business.  These functions might be limited to employees/clients only or perhaps open to spouses/partners as well, and the meeting objectives can be as wide-ranging as:

  • Grand openings
  • New product launches
  • Team building sessions
  • Announcing a new agreement
  • Quarterly/annual business meetings
  • Year-end parties or other celebrations
  • Recognizing service time/meritorious service
  • And many more

While any singular event may be memorable in its own right, that memory may start to fade once the attendees return to their regular duties and/or their daily lives.  Business operations continue to move forward, any new/innovative products or strategies quickly become standard parts of the job, and the immediate impact of the corporate event on employee morale can soon dissipate.

Invariably, however, corporate functions that remain etched in the long-term memories of the attendees can often be linked back to the non-business facets of the agenda, or its social/hospitality components.  And within such parts of any program, it is the quality of the food/catering that most commonly comes to mind when the attendees recall or reminisce about the event.

Therefore, professional corporate catering can significantly impact the overall success of any business function.  Attendees who enjoy the meal/entertainment portion of an event will likely be more inclined to see its commercial component in a positive light and retain that perspective for an extended period of time after the program concludes.  

This is one reason why Toronto-area employers will turn to Ida’s Kitchen when they need catering for their business functions.  The staff at Ida’s Kitchen can prepare and deliver a menu that will provide an unforgettable experience for hosts and guests alike, regardless of the event type/format: 

  • Breakfast/brunch
  • Multi-station buffet
  • Time-sensitive lunch
  • Holiday/speciality meals
  • After-hours hors d-oeuvres

In addition, Ida’s Kitchen can look after every phase of event catering from food station or table set-up through the meal service and on to the post-program clean-up, thereby alleviating such logistical worries/concerns for the host party/group from start to finish.

Corporate Catering Menu Options that Appeal to All Palates and Preferences

The corporate menus prepared by Ida’s Kitchen offer distinctive combinations of flavours and spices that will appeal to all tastes.  For event organizers who may be unsure of the menu options that might best suit their specific occasion, they can work with an Ida’s Kitchen menu consultant who will be glad to make recommendations on the choices that would be most appropriate.

Furthermore, Ida’s Kitchen can tend to the specific catering details, no matter how large or small, that can help an event stand above all others in the eyes and minds of the host and their guests.  These finer points can include:

  • Healthy choice alternatives
  • Special dietary/food requests
  • Professional and courteous service
  • Respect for agendas and time lines
  • Avoiding disruption of business sessions

Ida’s Kitchen recognizes the importance of providing high-quality catering for business functions, especially from the perspective of presenting a professional image on behalf of the host firm.  When onsite and on duty, the Ida’s Kitchen staff will focus their attention and efforts on ensuring a most memorable event for all parties involved. 

Planning a corporate event for which professional catering will be required?  Call Ida’s Kitchen today at 416-898-8097 and let her team handle all of the catering aspects for your function from start to finish. 

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